How to handle missed requests

Missing a request from time to time is normal. Because we don't expect you to drive all the time, we only consider your acceptance rate when qualifying you for certain features.

We calculate acceptance rate based on your rides, cancellations, and requests.

If you miss a request due to a connectivity issue, we'll automatically detect it. These types of missed requests won't count against your acceptance rate. Learn more about phone software recommendations and settings.

A request expired when I tried to accept it

Sometimes, the countdown clock may show that there's still time left to accept a ride request, but when you tap to accept, it expires. This likely is a result of a delay between your phone and our servers. This shouldn't happen often, but when it does, the ride has likely expired or been sent to another driver. Be ready to accept the next request instead, and consider moving to a better coverage area.

I missed a request that never showed

If you're receiving notifications that you missed requests but were never prompted to accept them, it's likely due to poor connectivity area for your carrier. Move to a different area, or try toggling Airplane Mode to reset your phone's connection to the network.

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