New driver welcome kit

New drivers receive their welcome kit shortly after being approved to drive. The kit includes the official Lyft emblem and a guide to getting out on the road.

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Lyft emblem

Here's what the Lyft emblem looks like:

Lyft emblem

Most regions require the emblem to be posted in a clear, transparent sleeve on the inside of your windshield. If you're in the driver seat, the emblem should in the bottom-right corner of your windshield. Some regions have different requirements; please check your local city and state requirements to make sure that you are in compliance with local regulations.

We encourage you to rock your emblem because it can help passengers identify your car.

If you haven't received your emblem yet or need a new one, print out a temporary emblem for your windshield. Print the temporary emblem in color, not black and white.

Only drivers that are approved and in good standing on the Lyft platform are authorized to use the Lyft emblem in connection with their use of the Lyft platform, per Lyft’s Terms of Service. If you have been deactivated or have not yet been approved, you are not authorized to use the Lyft emblem or other Lyft trademarks.

Bikes and scooters stickers

We care about keeping our roads safe. Even if it isn’t required in your region, it’s still a great way to remind passengers that we share the road and they should be careful when exiting the vehicle.

Affix two “LOOK FOR bikes & scooters” stickers on both back windows. See example below:

example bikes and scooters sticker

You can print out a temporary ‘WATCH FOR bikes & scooters’ sticker here.

It's normal to have new questions a a new driver, so we've provided a handful of helpful resources below:

For more tips on making the most of your time on the road, getting 5-star rides, and what to track during driving for tax season, check out our driver tutorials.



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