Express Pay

Express Pay allows you to cash out earnings before your weekly deposit. Earnings appear within a few hours or days, depending on your bank’s processing time.

If your deposit is taking longer than expected, it may be that:

    • Your bank is still processing the transaction. Some banks may take longer to process deposits on weekends and holidays.
    • Your debit card or account info isn’t current or valid. Learn to update it here.
    • You cashed out to a canceled card or account. No worries, here's what to do.

You can cash out earnings via Express Pay once you’ve earned $50, after the Lyft fee. There is a $0.50 transfer fee whenever you collect Express Pay earnings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Express Pay earnings show in my account?

Successful transfers will begin to process immediately, so these earnings may appear in a few hours or days. We'll move any declined transfers to direct deposits, so you should still see your earnings in 3-5 days.

Transfers can be delayed on weekends or holidays, depending on your bank. In these cases, your deposit may not appear for a couple of business days. For example, if you cash out on Sunday night, your deposit may not post until Monday or later.

Heads up: Some banks don't support immediate transfers. Click here to view a list of some of these banks.

Why is the amount available for Express Pay lower than I expected?
This amount may be lower than expected for a few reasons: 

      • The in-app amount is your full earnings, which means Lyft's Commission hasn't been removed yet. The total amount available for Express Pay is the total post-commission amount.
      • Your total available earnings for Express Pay may decrease on Tuesdays. This is because weekly transfers (with your earnings from the previous week) are issued on Tuesdays. Once the transfer is issued, those earnings are already on their way to your bank account, so they're no longer available through Express Pay.

I cashed out to a canceled card or account. What should I do?

If your debit card or account info isn't current (or your account isn't active), your transfer will be declined. If this happens, we'll send you a text with instructions on how to fix.

Before you tap “Confirm Deposit” in the app when requesting an Express Pay transfer, make sure your debit card information is up to date. If it isn’t, tap “Edit” and then enter your updated card info before tapping the “Confirm Deposit” button.

After a failed transfer

When your Express Pay transfer fails, we may send you a text message about the failure. This may require further action from you or just give you some info about the failure.

Sample text

Lost Card: "Your Express Pay deposit was declined because the card on file was reported lost. Please add and confirm a new card: lyft://payment"

What earnings are eligible for Express Pay?
Ride earnings, referrals, and mentor payments are all eligible for Express Pay. Incentives, like Power Driver Bonus or Average Hourly Guarantees, are not available for Express Pay because they require additional calculations at the end of the week. You’ll receive those earnings as part of a weekly transfer to your checking account.

A ride was excluded from Express Pay. Why?
There are a few reasons rides may not be immediately available for Express Pay. The ride could still be processing, we could be legally prevented from including it, or the ride could be under review for a Terms of Service violation. Once a ride clears all review processes, it will be available for Express Pay or a weekly transfer.

Can I cancel an Express Pay transaction?
Once you cash out through Express Pay, you cannot cancel the transaction.

Is there a limit to how much I can cash out via Express Pay?
Yes. There is currently a $3,000 limit for Express Pay deposits.

 How to Cash Out & Set Up Express Pay

Via the App

      1. In the driver side of the app, tap 'Settings' then tap 'Payment Info'
      2. Tap the debit card under the ‘Express Pay’ header to edit or set up your info
      3. Heads up: you must enter your debit card information before cashing out using Express Pay for the first time. To update your card info after set up, tap 'Edit' before confirming your deposit. Double-check the card you're sending the deposit to.
      4. If you choose to enter a new debit card, we'll send a confirmation text message to your phone number to verify the new card. Follow the instructions in the text message to confirm your new card.
      5. To transfer your earnings, tap 'Get paid.' You must have at least $50 in earnings plus the $.50 Express Pay fee before cashing out. When you transfer, we may send an extra text message to your phone number to verify. Reply to the text message as instructed and the deposit process will begin.

Driver Dashboard

If you need to update your Express Pay card or get paid, please use the App instructions above. The Driver Dashboard no longer supports these functions. 

Debit Card Requirements:

To receive earnings via Express Pay, your debit card must be issued in the United States. Pre-paid cards aren't compatible with Express Pay. Express Pay won't work without a valid debit card. If an Express Pay transfer fails, you’ll be asked to update your debit card information.

 If your bank doesn't support immediate transfer (see the list below), your transfer will be directly deposited instead. The direct deposit should take about 3-5 business days to appear in your account.

Amegy Bank National Association | Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association | The Bank of New York Mellon | BOKF, National Association | BNY Mellon, National Association | Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania | Commerce Bank, National Association | Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas | E*TRADE Bank | Fifth Third Bank | FirstBank | First National Bank of Omaha | GE Money Bank | Goldman Sachs Bank USA | HSBC Bank USA, National Association | Huntington National Bank | Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company | 
Northern Trust, National Association | The PrivateBank and Trust Company | RBS Citizens, National Association | Signature Bank | Silicon Valley Bank | State Street Bank and Trust Company | Susquehanna Bank | TCF National Bank | Toledo | UBS Bank USA | Umpqua Bank | Webster Bank, National Association

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