Calculating the Cost of a Lyft Ride

Ride payments for regular and Plus rides are calculated based on the following factors:

  • Distance: total miles traveled.
  • Time: total minutes traveled.
  • Base charge: the amount the ride starts at.
  • The Service Fee: added to each ride charge.
  • Prime Time: a percentage added during the busiest times, which you're notified of before requesting.

Lyft Line ride charges are calculated before the ride, based on the same factors as regular rides. Because we are aiming to match you with passengers along your route, you're required to enter a drop-off address up front and given a fixed price.

In select cities, after entering your destination, you’ll see the exact price of your ride before tapping ‘Request’.

Note: If this isn’t yet available, you’ll see the ‘Fare Estimate’, which tells you the price range of your ride.

If you change your stop, destination, or your ride takes more or less time than expected — the ride total you were quoted will no longer apply. Instead, your ride total will be calculated based on the usual time and distance.

You can always request a ride directly without entering a destination.

If you'd like to see an estimate for your ride, head to your city's page on lyft.com/cities and enter your pickup and drop-off locations. Keep in mind that Prime Time is not included in the estimate but will be shown in the app if it's in effect.

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