Acceptance Rate

Your acceptance rate is the percent of ride requests you accept. We use acceptance rates to keep passenger wait times as short as possible.

Specifically, this rate is the number of unique ride requests you’ve accepted and completed, either by successfully dropping off passengers or marking passengers as “no show.” Rider cancellations don't count against your acceptance rate.

Heads up: Acceptance rates are calculated weekly and reset each Monday at 5 am.

Rides completed + Rides marked as "no show"
Total ride requests

Here are some things to keep in mind with Lyft Line:

  • Each pickup (including passengers bringing a friend) in Lyft Lines counts as one ride
  • Rides cancelled because of an incorrect number of passengers (that is, when a passenger shows up with more friends than indicated in the app) are considered “no show”

Acceptance rate example

Say you complete 50 rides one week, you miss 2 requests, and you cancel 1 ride. Your acceptance rate for the week would come to 94% — that's 50 completed rides out of a total 53 requests.

50 Rides completed = 94% Acceptance rate
53 Total ride requests


Reasons why your acceptance rate decreases

If a request counts down to zero before you tap to accept, it can lower your acceptance rate. We recommend that if you can’t or don’t want to accept ride requests, switch out of driver mode. Taking a break is fine and good for your health!

Missed requests

Lyft tracks whether you missed a request due to a technical issue (such as poor network connectivity). If this happens, here are some steps on how to fix this. In these cases, missed requests won’t count against your acceptance rate.

If you find that you're missing a lot of requests due to technical or connectivity errors, try toggling Airplane mode on and off, or moving to an area with better service. Heads up: Intentionally toggling Airplane mode or force quitting the app to avoid requests can impact your acceptance rate.


Requests that you cancel count against your acceptance rate. “No shows” and requests that passengers cancel do not count against your acceptance rate. Learn more about our cancellation policy.


Will I be penalized for my acceptance rate? When driving on the Lyft Platform, you always have the right to accept or ignore any ride request. That means you're always free to decline any ride request you don't want. Acceptance rate is used to determine eligibility for certain incentives (like the Power Driver Bonus).

What about penalties for Line requests? This includes requests for Line rides, which are identified at the initial request. If you prefer not to perform Line rides, which comes with the possibility of matching with additional passengers along the way, decline the initial request and wait for non-Line types of Lyft requests.

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