Express Drive overview

Don't own a car? No problem! Lyft's Express Drive program helps you rent a car so you can start driving in select cities through our rental partners, Avis Budget Group, Flexdrive, and Hertz.

The rental period length is flexible with no long-term commitment. Plus, every rental comes with unlimited miles you can use for Lyft or personal use. Insurance and maintenance are always included in the rental cost.

Prices and program details vary by city and rental car provider, so you’ll only be able to view those details once you begin the application process. Sign up here or check out the guide below to learn more.

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Become an Express Driver

To become an Express Driver:

  1. Apply to drive at lyft.com/expressdrive if the Express Drive program is available in your city. If you're already an approved driver, visit the 'Vehicles' tab of your Driver Dashboard. Tap the 'Rent a Vehicle' button to get started with the Express Drive program. 
  2. You must be 25+ years old to rent a vehicle through Hertz (at participating locations) or through Flexdrive (available only in select markets).
  3. You must meet Lyft’s driver requirements.
  4. You must provide a refundable deposit to begin the Express Drive program. Learn more.
  5. After you’re approved to drive, you can schedule a vehicle pickup and get started driving with Lyft.

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Express Drive cities

Express Drive is available in the following cities:

Hertz program

Atlanta | Baltimore | Boston | Charlotte | Chicago | Dallas/Fort Worth |
Denver | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Miami | Nashville |
New Orleans | Orange County | Orlando | Phoenix | Pittsburgh |
Portland | Richmond | Sacramento | Salt Lake City | San Antonio |
San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose | Seattle | Tacoma | Tampa Bay | Washington, D.C.

Flexdrive program

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Detroit | Houston | Los Angeles |
New York City | Philadelphia | San Francisco | Washington, D.C.

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Rental car personal use

Express Drive comes with unlimited miles, so you can earn with Lyft and drive for personal use.

Note: Rental vehicles may only be driven out of state for official Lyft ride use, not for personal use.

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Switch personal and rental cars

You can still drive with your own car if you also use a rental car. Car switching allows you to switch between multiple Lyft-approved vehicles.

You can use both cars, though if you're an active Express Drive renter you will not be eligible for Ride Challenges, regardless of which vehicle you use for Lyft approved rides.

If you're an active renter, all rides given with your personal vehicle will still count towards your Rental Rewards bonus and 20 Ride Requirement.

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