Maryland Driver Information

Make sure to follow these rules when giving rides in Maryland, and to keep an eye on your email for important news and updates from Lyft.

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Apply to Drive

If you're applying to become a driver in Maryland, check out the application steps.

Get Set to Drive

Set Your Vehicle up Correctly

windshield setup

Lyft Trade Dress Emblem

Lyft emblem

Drivers are required to display the Lyft emblem while in driver mode. The Lyft emblem should be displayed in the lower corner of your rear windshield on the passenger side. Make sure to remove the emblem when you are not in driver mode.

If you’ve just been approved to drive, you should receive your Lyft emblem shortly. If you didn't get one or need a new one, place an order in your Dashboard. While waiting for it to arrive, you may print a temporary emblem.

TNO License

All Maryland drivers must apply for a TNO (Transportation Network Operator) license. You'll be prompted to give consent in the Driver app, and Lyft will apply for a TNO license on your behalf.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

You are required to have your vehicle inspected. Your vehicle inspection must be from one of the following states, and must be an official state inspection (no emissions inspections). We recommend contacting your local mechanic to confirm they offer state inspections:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.

Inspections are valid until the marked expiration date. If no expiration date is marked, Lyft requires a new inspection one year after the inspection date.

Already have a completed inspection form? Submit it through the Dashboard.

MD Inspection Example

inspection locations in Maryland:

Starting in February 2018, you can receive a free inspection at the following NTB (National Tire and Battery) or Merchant's locations, by:

  1. Providing proof that you are a Lyft driver and providing the Lyft Account Number: 33204668
  2. Presenting your Lyft driver app to the Service Manager, indicating that you are in need of an inspection.


NTB - Owings Mills
9424 Reisterstown Rd
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: 410-998-3540

NTB - Baltimore
6211 Rossville Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21237
Phone: 410-780-7794

NTB - Bel Air (open Saturday)
2122 Blue Spruce Dr E
Bel Air, MD 21015
Phone: 410-569-0226

Merchant's - Baltimore
7713 Harford Rd
Parkville, MD 21234
Phone: 410-668-7400

Merchant's - Bel Air
411 W. Baltimore Pike
Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone: 410-803-1147

Merchant's - Dundalk
1318 Merritt Blvd
Dundalk, MD 21222
Phone: 410-282-1350

Merchant's - Glen Burnie
7409 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: 410-787-1010

Merchant's - Hyattsville
909 Chillum Rd
Hyattsville, MD 20782
Phone: 301-559-6100

Merchant's - Nottingham
7940 Belair Rd
Nottingham, MD 21236
Phone: 410-882-5410

Merchant's - Reisterstown (must schedule)
11724 Reisterstown Rd
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Phone: 410-833-3086

Note: We recommend calling ahead to confirm your inspection ahead of time. Not all locations offer inspections during the entirety of their normal business hours. If you would like to get your inspection on a Saturday, the only location open is the NTB - Bel Air location on Spruce Drive (2122 Blue Spruce Dr E, Bel Air, MD 21015 between 8AM-6PM). Only one inspection is required. Text us at: (410) 469-8809 if you need additional support.

Discount inspection locations in Maryland:

Vince’s Auto
4411 E Monument St.
Baltimore, MD 21205
Inspections by appointment: 410-342-4300
Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM: $60
Saturday, 9AM - 3PM: $80

Caton Auto Clinic
6013 Baltimore National Pike
Catonsville, MD 21228
Inspections by appointment: 410-788-3838
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM: $89.65 ($84.65 if vehicle is left for the day)

Brentwood Automotive
1035 W 41st St.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Inspections by appointment: 410-889-6748
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM: $79.99 ($10 off coupon)

Once you've had your official state inspection, please upload your inspection form in the dashboard (a photo of the form, not an inspection sticker).

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If you give rides in Virginia

The state of Virginia requires you to complete a safety inspection.

If you haven't already, upload your registration and inspection certificate (with your VIN and inspection date clearly visible) in the Dashboard. If you're a driver in Washington D.C., you also have the option of uploading your inspection certificate and registration through 'Settings' in the Lyft app.

Here's an example of what the inspection certificate looks like:

VA Inspection Form

Upload Your Vehicle Registration

We need to have a photo of your vehicle registration on file, so make sure you upload it in the Dashboard.

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Hit the Road

You are an approved driver, your ride is decked out with all the right things in all the right places, and you’re no stranger to the ins and outs of driving with Lyft.

Know Your Insurance Coverage

  • Review Lyft's insurance policy here.
  • View your insurance in the app: Settings > Car > Lyft insurance.

Tips and Best Practices

If you are a Maryland Driver, you agree that if Lyft permanently deactivates you from the Lyft Platform, you will return or destroy all Lyft trade dress in your possession. You also agree to notify Lyft within three business days if you are convicted or arrested for a violent crime, felony, sexual offense, drug-related offense, or any other offense that may reasonably bear on your fitness as a driver. 

In addition to reporting a concern or problem directly to Lyft here, passengers may also register a complaint or concern by contacting the Maryland Public Service Commission here.

Driver Mode Limits

In addition to Lyft's mandatory break requirement, Virginia regulations require that drivers spend no more than 13 hours in driver mode within a 24-hour period.

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Updating Your Driver Profile

Document Renewals

If your insurance, vehicle registration, or driver's license status changes in any way, we need updated records to ensure full compliance with Maryland law. Always update your documents via the driver dashboard immediately after receiving them.

Moving to or From Maryland as an Existing Lyft Driver

If you're already a driver in a different state, and you're moving to Maryland, send us a message with the following info:

  • The date you're moving
  • Your new shipping address
  • A clear photo of your vehicle registration*
  • A clear photo of your Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland vehicle inspection**

*If you were already required to upload your vehicle registration when you became a driver, you do not need to send it in again.

**If you were already required to upload a Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland inspection when you became a driver, you do not need to send it in again. See more details here.

You will also be required to sign the Maryland TNO application if you have not already. See more details here.

Please note: vehicles in Maryland must be from 2007 or newer. 

Moving from Maryland to a different state? Find your new market here to see what steps you'll need to take.

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