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Welcome to the Lyft Beta Program. Our top drivers and top passengers receive exclusive access to Lyft Beta by personal invitation. Since you'll be helping out Lyft (thanks again!) we want to let you know our ground rules. Please read the full agreement below before continuing. Here are some of the things you can expect to see:

  • By participating in this program, you’ll get access to experimental versions of the Lyft mobile application.
  • We may show you confidential, yet to be released products or features and you must be willing to keep those secret.
  • You'll be volunteering to help out Lyft and will not be paid.
  • You can stop participating in the program at any time and Lyft may stop operating the program or cancel your participation in the program at any time.

Lyft's Term Of Use

Installing the Beta App:

After receiving an invite from us, you will need to set up our distribution tool, Crashlytics. The guides below will walk you through the installation process.

iOS install guide

Android install guide

Common Issues While Installing:

iOS Users: If you see the message below, please go to iOS Settings > General > Profiles > Lyft, Inc. (Ent) > Trust "Lyft, Inc. (Ent)"

Android Users: If you see the message below, you may have to adjust some security settings. Go to Android Settings > Security > toggle "Unknown sources"

Reporting a Bug

iOS Users:

1. Take a screenshot to report a bug. Other issues should be reported via the Help Center.


2. Draw on the screenshot to highlight the issue.


3. Explain any steps or details that help us reproduce the bug, then hit send.


Android Users

1. Shake your device to report a bug. Other issues should be reported via the Help Center.

2. Tap on "Report a Problem" to send us a bug report.

3. Draw on the screenshot to highlight the issue.

4. Explain any steps or details to help us reproduce the bug, then hit send.

If you encounter an issue with the Beta version that is blocking you from being able to complete normal activities, such as requesting or completing a ride, simply sign into the latest version of Lyft from your device’s app store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need to Uninstall the Regular Lyft App to use the Beta Version?

Nope! You'll help us test new features on a separate beta app, which will appear on your phone as a teal Lyft icon. (Yep, that means you'll have two Lyft apps on your phone, teal for beta testing and pink from the app store.)

Can I Sign Into Driver Mode From the Beta App?

Yes! The beta app functions just like the normal Lyft app. If you’re a driver, we’d love your help testing our latest driver-facing features.

Do I Need to Send Feedback After Every Update to Receive new Downloads or to Stay in Lyft Beta?

You’ll need to keep activating those beta releases to stay in the program. Lyft Beta runs on your constructive feedback — if you don’t activate five consecutive releases, we’ll need to remove you from the program. (You can also opt out of the program by emailing us).

If you didn't receive an invite for the latest build, check your Spam folder, and search your inbox for 'Crashlytics.' If you're unable to find it, let us know.


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