Express Drive Rental Car Program

Don't own a car? No problem. Express Drive provides affordable access to rental cars in select cities so you can get on the road with a rental car. You can rent for as long as you want with no long-term commitment. Insurance and maintenance are always included in the cost of the rental.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Express Drive available?

Express Drive is currently available in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles 
  • Nashville 
  • Orange County
  • Phoenix 
  • Portland
  • Sacramento 
  • San Diego 
  • San Francisco 
  • San Jose 
  • Washington, D.C.

How much does driving with a rental car cost?

Weekly rental rates are based on the amount of rides you give. To see examples of how our tiered rental pricing works, check out “The More You Drive, The Less You Pay” section on our Express Drive page

To learn more about your city’s rental rates, visit the ‘Vehicles’ section of the Driver Dashboard. New drivers in cities with Express Drive can start an application to see the rental rates. 

How is Lyft mileage vs. personal mileage tracked?

All General Motors rental vehicles come equipped with OnStar. When your app is on in driver mode and you’re in the coverage area, General Motors will count miles as “in-app”. When you’re not on the app, they will count miles as “personal use”. You will receive an itemized mileage bill with your weekly pay statement. Miles driven while in Destination Mode count as personal miles.

How does insurance work?

Lyft’s Insurance Policy provides primary Auto Liability coverage when you’re logged into ‘driver mode’ in the Lyft app. When you’re not in driver mode, your rental agreement provides personal insurance coverage for you and the vehicle. This insurance is included in the weekly rental costs. See your rental agreement for details.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period varies on a city to city basis, and can last anywhere from 4 to 52 weeks. When you wish to end a rental period, simply visit the Driver Dashboard and schedule a return. View your rental agreement for specific rental period details.

If I use a rental can I still drive my own car with Lyft, too?

Yes! Car switching allows you to have multiple Lyft-approved vehicles on your account. You can alternate back and forth, though you may be ineligible for Power Driver Bonus and Rental Rewards if you switch between vehicles. To learn more about car switching, click here.

How do I schedule rental car pick ups and drop offs?

  • GM renters: Simply log into the Driver Dashboard and visit the ‘Driver Documents’ page to schedule.
  • Hertz renters: Visit this page to schedule a new pick up. After one week, you can return your car anytime during normal operating hours at Hertz. See your rental agreement for more details.

How do I pay for my rental car?

Rental payments are automatically deducted on a weekly basis from your earnings. If necessary, we’ll charge your payment method on file. You can find your weekly receipt in the Driver Dashboard.

Can I drive the rental car for personal use?

Yes! This is any mileage you put on the car when you’re not in driver mode. The cost per personal mile varies for each city and each type of vehicle. To learn more about your rental costs, visit the ‘Vehicles’ section of the Driver Dashboard.

Because these vehicles are primarily for commercial purposes, there are additional taxes that may apply if more than half of your miles are personal miles. See your rental agreement for details. Miles driven while in Destination Mode count as personal miles.

What driver programs am I eligible for when driving a rental car?

When using a rental, Lyft’s Rental Rewards Program can help reduce your weekly costs. This program includes mileage and rental reimbursement rewards. For specific information about your Rental Rewards, please see the Driver Dashboard.

You’ll also have access to exclusive perks and discounts with Accelerate, our driver rewards program. 

What bonuses are Express Drivers eligible for?

  • Express Drivers can receive weekly guarantees and sign-on bonuses if they sign up with a code and meet all requirements. 
  • Express Drivers cannot receive a driver referral bonus for being referred. The person who refers an Express Driver can still receive a referral bonus. 
  • Express Drivers cannot earn Power Driver Bonuses. Instead, rental drivers are eligible for exclusive rental pricing tiers. 

I heard about Express Pay but couldn't find it. What's going on?

Express Pay is not available when driving a rental car.

What happens if my earnings don’t cover the cost of the weekly rental?

The cost of the rental car is charged to your payment method on file.

Do I need to make a deposit to use Express Drive?

Yes. When you apply to the program, Lyft will apply a refundable deposit to a card of your choosing. This is refunded to the payment method that was charged if you don’t pass your background or DMV check. Start an application to see what the application deposit is in your region.

What's the Express Driver age requirement? 

Express Drivers must be 21+ years old to rent a vehicle through GM and 25+ years old to rent a vehicle through Hertz. 

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