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    How and when driver pay is calculated

    When driving for Lyft, you should always know how your pay is calculated. You can also learn more at Lyft Driver Pay.
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    When do I get paid?

    Weekly deposits
    Lyft starts the weekly payment process on Tuesdays around 5 AM. It may take 1 - 3 business days before your deposit shows in your account, depending on your bank's processing time.
    If we’re unable to deposit your earnings, we’ll try again after you update your bank account information (or on the following Tuesday if you don't update your information).
    Express Pay
    To skip the wait, you can cash out your earnings instantly using Express Pay. Earnings can appear within a few hours or days, depending on your bank’s processing time.

    Failed transfers

    Your deposit may fail if your bank info is outdated or incorrect. We’ll send you a text to let you know if this happens.
    If we’re unable to deposit your earnings, we’ll try again after you update your bank information (or on the following Tuesday if you don't update your information). You can update your bank info in the 'Payout Information' tab in your Driver Dashboard.
    If you need your cash sooner, try using Express Pay.

    Fare calculations

    Lyft passengers pay for rides through the app.
    Driver ride fare calculations begin one minute after the driver taps 'Arrive' in the app, or when the rider is picked up, whichever comes first.
    Read our step-by-step guide on how to give Lyft rides. Lyft ride fare includes:
    • Base Fare: The amount passengers pay to start the ride
    • Cost per kilometre: The amount you earn per kilometre in the city where your ride starts
    • Cost per minute: The amount you earn per minute in the region where your ride starts
    We determine the applicable local rate card depending on which city and region in which a ride was requested. See local pricing on your region’s Rate Card.
    Passengers see a confirmed, upfront price for each ride. When your passenger receives the upfront price, you'll be paid for time and distance that’s based on your approved region’s Rate Card. If the destination is changed or a new stop is added, the upfront price is voided and a new price is provided based on route time and distance.
    Need help? Select 'Contact Support' below to get in touch with our Support team.

    Additional charges

    In addition to the Lyft ride fare, passengers pay:
    Passengers’ Service Fees, airport fees, and other applicable fees or taxes aren’t reflected in the 'Driving History' tab in your Driver Dashboard.
    You’ll receive cancellation fees according to our Cancellation and no-show fee policy for drivers.

    Minimum & maximum fares

    All rides are subject to minimum and maximum fares.
    Minimum fare: The lowest amount you’ll earn on a ride, even for very short rides and regardless of what the passengers pay. Trips ended before you reach the minimum fare are rounded to this amount.
    Maximum fare: The highest amount you’ll receive for a ride. If a passenger’s request takes you past the maximum fare amount, you may want to recommend a different transportation method. Heads up: Unusually high ride amounts are subject to review.
    See your local pricing on your region’s Rate Card.


    100% of tips from passengers go to drivers. We built tipping into the Lyft app to make it easy for passengers to say thanks, but passengers may also tip with cash.

    Lyft Platform Fee

    Rather than charge a flat commission, Lyft's portion of ride payments is shown in the app and Driver Dashboard as the Lyft’s Platform Fees.
    Lyft Platform Fees are variable, meaning they can change. The amount includes the difference between what the passenger paid and your driver earnings, tips, tolls, and other charges (like airport fees and taxes). Unless we break it out separately, fees include Lyft’s Service Fee, which we use to offset costs like liability insurance on your rides.
    Drivers earn the per-mile and per-minute rates identified on their region’s Rate Card, regardless of what the passenger pays. Lyft takes no commission or fees from tips.
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