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Airport information for drivers

For rules and prohibitions specific to airports in California, see California Airport Information for Drivers.
Our goal is to partner with every airport to provide a delightful Lyft experience for passengers to and from the terminal, as we already have in several cities. See below for a list of current airport pickup and drop-off statuses.
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Permitted airport operations
Tap a state, then tap the links in the list for detailed instructions on giving airport rides.
Redirecting a prohibited airport request
If your city's airport is prohibited for pickups, the app will prevent airport pickup requests from being made. If a passenger moves their pin outside airport property, and asks you to come pick them up at the airport, kindly inform them that you are not authorized to, and they'll need to find alternate means of transportation.
Drop-offs can be trickier. If a passenger asks you to take them to a prohibited airport, here are some tips on how to make the conversation go smoothly:
  1. Offer to take them to a nearby destination.
  2. Apologize, and politely cancel the ride. Worried about your acceptance or cancellation rate? Let us know and we'll remove it from that day's summary.
Redirecting Prohibited Airport Rides
If you're approached by an airport authority
Authorities at the airport may approach you and ask you for a Waybill.
The Waybill allows law enforcement officials to see information about your current or most recent ride.
To find the Waybill for your current ride:
  1. Swipe up on the bottom panel.
  2. Tap ‘Waybill’ under the ‘More options’ header.
To find the Waybill for a previous ride:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Account.'
  2. Tap ‘Pay and tax info,' then tap 'Waybill.'
This image shows a sample Waybill.
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