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    Lyft Vehicle Services

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    Lyft Driver Centers
    Lyft Driver Centers have everything you and your vehicle needs including:
    • Standard maintenance
    • Services and repairs
    • Free diagnostic inspections
    • Driver support from Lyft Community Associates
    You can also enjoy a comfy lounge and refreshments at Driver Centers.
    Vehicle Services vary by location and may include:
    • Oil and oil filter changes
    • Replacement services for batteries and spark plugs
    • Tire rotations
    • Diagnostics
    • Collision repairs
    • Car wash
    You'll see a full list of services at your local Driver Center when you make an appointment here. Walk-ins are welcome but scheduled appointments are priority for vehicle service.
    Driver Centers serve all Flexdrive renters, but don't perform service for Hertz rentals. For more info, click here.
    Lyft Mobile Mechanic
    The Lyft Mobile Mechanic team offers at-home vehicle service to Lyft drivers. It covers most preventative maintenance services and common vehicle needs. Evaluating other service requests are on a case by case basis.
    Some service options are only done as an add-on to standard service. This includes services like tire plugs and cleaning. You can see the full list of options here.
    Lyft Mobile Mechanic provides services for most types of vehicles. We’ll contact you if we won't be able to serve your specific vehicle. Please contact us at with specific service questions.
    Lyft + Openbay
    Lyft partners with Openbay so drivers can access convenient car services for less. This includes preferred pricing for Lyft drivers in select cities across the US.
    Openbay is an online network of auto repair and service centers. Once you sign up, you can see prices and schedule appointments through the Openbay site or app.
    If you're an Express Drive renter, please refer to your agreement. Contact the rental provider to determine how to get car service or repair for your vehicle. For more info, click here.

    Pricing and Payment

    Lyft Driver Centers
    Prices vary by location. You can see pricing by location when you schedule your appointment here. If your services need an estimate, you'll receive an email with your estimate. You'll also receive your invoice when you receive service at a Lyft Driver Center.
    Lyft Mobile Mechanic
    Prices vary by location. You can see pricing for services in your city when you schedule an appointment. For services that need payment, you’ll receive an email with your estimate before your appointment. Your invoice will be emailed to you when the work on your vehicle is complete.
    We’re currently unable to accept payment from Driver Earnings or Lyft Rewards points.
    Lyft + Openbay
    Connect your Lyft Driver account to your Openbay account here to make sure you're getting the discount.
    Lyft works with Openbay to secure preferred pricing for Lyft drivers at select providers. Pricing and payment options will vary by each individual provider. Please contact Openbay ( with any questions specific to provider pricing. Openbay terms and conditions can be found here.

    Locations and appointments

    Lyft Driver Centers
    Find a full list of addresses and operating hours for your local Lyft Driver Centers on our website or when you schedule an appointment.
    Lyft Mobile Mechanic
    Lyft Mobile Mechanic is currently available in the following areas:
    • Atlanta
    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • Los Angeles
    • Philadelphia
    • Portland
    • Sacramento
    • San Antonio
    • San Francisco
    • Washington D.C.
    Hours of operation vary by market. Our technician availability can be found on our scheduling portal.
    Lyft + Openbay
    Openbay has a large network of car maintenance and service providers across the country. You’ll see options available in your area through the Openbay app. You can choose from local shops, dealers, and national providers.
    Openbay vets all service providers and has a standard of quality required to be on the platform and are always adding new, high quality providers to the network of available shops.
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