Driver Console and the Newsfeed

The Basics

We’ve brought together your driver earnings, Prime Time heatmaps, bonuses, and referrals into one home: the Driver Console. As part of the Driver Console, you can conveniently keep tabs on demand in your city without logging into driver mode. You’ll also receive local updates and customized information in a personal newsfeed.  


How do I access the Driver Console?

There are two ways to access the Driver Console:

  1. Click the “Go Online” button from the app.
  2. Tap your profile to access the navigation menu, then select “Go to Driver App” at the bottom.

Note: To receive ride requests, you must be “online” while in the Driver Console.

What is the Newsfeed?

The Newsfeed is where you’ll receive customized and local updates, as well as relevant news, such as Alerts and Promotions.

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