How Driver Pay Is Calculated

When driving with Lyft, you should always know how your pay is calculated. Got a question about your earnings? Check out our in-depth driver pay breakdown or skip to our frequently asked questions below. 

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When does driver pay calculation start? 
Your pay calculation will start once you’ve picked up your passenger and have begun the ride. We’ll also make sure you’re paid for your time spent waiting, starting one minute after you tap to arrive. Here’s how that works in common scenarios:

  • You complete the ride: You’re paid for the time you waited, plus the ride fare itself.
  • You cancel the ride: If you cancel a ride before the timer runs out (five minutes for original Lyft rides and two minutes for Lyft Line) and without trying to call your passenger, you won’t be paid for the time you waited.
  • Your passenger is a no-show: As long as you wait for the timer to run out and try to contact them, you’ll collect a no-show fee for your time. 

What does ride fare include?
Ride fare is calculated based on the following amounts:

  • Base Fare: The amount passengers pay to start the ride. 
  • Cost Per Mile: The amount you earn per mile in the region where your ride starts.
  • Cost Per Minute: The amount you earn per minute in the region where your ride starts.

What is minimum fare?
Minimum fare is the lowest amount we’ll charge passengers, even if the ride is short. This means a trip that ends before you hit the minimum fare is rounded up to this amount. Minimum fare already includes the base fare. We do not take The Service fee out of your minimum fare.

What is maximum fare?
The average distance of a Lyft ride is two to three miles, so long rides are rare. For longer-than-average rides, there is a maximum fare amount. Heads up: If a passenger’s request takes you past the maximum fare amount, you may want to recommend a different transportation method. The maximum fare can vary based on area or ride type, so check your city’s page for the current rate.

Heads Up: Unusually high ride charge amounts are subject to review, which may delay earnings available for Express Pay.

What is Prime Time?
When there aren’t enough drivers for all the ride requests Lyft gets, passengers may pay an extra percentage on top of the Base Fare/Cost Per Minute/Cost Per Mile. During Prime Time, a $6 ride would become a $9 ride when there's 50% Prime Time. Read more about Prime Time here.

What additional amounts do passengers pay?
In addition to the Ride Fare amount, passengers pay:

The T&S fee, airport fees, and other applicable fees or taxes are not reflected in your driver summaries.

Under certain circumstances, you may receive a cancellation fee when your passenger cancels. Lyft may take a commission out of this fee.

How does tipping work?
100% of tips from passengers go to drivers. We built tipping into the Lyft app to make it easy for passengers to say thanks, and because we know it’s important to our drivers.

What is Lyft’s Commission?
To keep Lyft running smoothly, we take a commission from the ride fare, including Prime Time. This is reflected in your summary as “Lyft Fees.” Read more about Lyft’s Commission here.

How can I keep track of my earnings?
The best way to track how much you've earned is in the 'Earnings' tab of the Driver Console. Here, you can see your daily and weekly totals, ride and hours info, as well as info related to Power Driver Bonus.

You can also see earnings with:

  • Our Daily Summary: We'll email you a Daily Summary usually around 8:30 am (sometimes later) local time each day. The Daily Summary email contains a link to the Dashboard so you can see yesterday's earnings. For example, if you drive Monday, the email sent Tuesday morning will contain a link to the Dashboard for Monday's earnings.

You can see all your ride history and earnings activity on the 'Driving History' tab of the Driver Dashboard. The Driving History tab shows activity by week in the current year. Tap on a week to see details.

When do I get paid?
Your ride earnings are totaled each week, Monday through Sunday. Transfers for the previous week begin processing on Tuesday. Your earnings will be transferred into your account by the end of the week. Learn more about getting paid here.


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