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    Long pickup bonus

    On eligible rides in select regions, long pickup bonuses are added as a reward for going the extra mile when a passenger’s pickup location is farther away than usual.
    We value your time, and long pickup bonuses are a way to help maximize your earnings even when pickups are far away.

    How it works

    We’ll let you know if you’ve earned a long pickup bonus just after you complete an eligible ride. Not all rides are eligible for a long pickup bonus.
    The longer the pickup, the higher the bonus. Long pickup bonuses are calculated with a base payout of $1, and an additional $0.40 accrued per minute of pickup time over 9 minutes, up to $6 max (or a flat bonus of $2 — whichever is higher).

    Bonus payout

    Long pickup bonuses range from $2 to $6, depending on how long the drive is to the pickup location. The bonus calculation is: $1 base payout + $0.40/min.
    For example, the long pickup bonus for a 12 minute drive to the pickup location would be $5.80.
    Your long pickup bonus is added to your earnings as soon as the eligible ride is completed.

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